Overseas Pakistani Services

Overseas Pakistani Legal Services

Land Disputes:

The biggest issue facing overseas Pakistani’s is the security of their personal, inherited, or ancestral land in Pakistan. Be it a small plot, house, or large area of agricultural land we can protect your rights against illegal occupation, illegal possession, false sale or fraudulent activity while you are not in the country.

Divorce/Child Custody or Adoption Proceedings:

We recognise how inter-country family issues can be very emotional and sensitive. We provide expert services for Family law issues within Pakistan. If you wish to initiate divorce proceedings or have a child custody issue please contact us for further assistance.

Bad Debt/Debt Recovery:

We have a vast amount of experience in recovering bad debt. Each case is handled on its merits, and we can use various legal methods to secure your recovery. We can register a criminal case on your behalf and institute legal proceedings if needed.

Sale/Purchase of Property in Pakistan:

Whether you are buying residential or commercial property within Pakistan it is always advisable to seek legal representation to verify all the documentation and ensure legal requirements are fulfilled.

Non- Resident Overseas Pakistani Tax Registration:

The Pakistan Govt. has offered huge incentives for those who are registered as Tax filers within Pakistan. You do not need to pay tax if you are non-resident however you can save up to 50% on payable tax when purchasing property, plots or vehicles if you are registered. You can also avail lower banking charges when making transactions. We provide a hassle free and quick service for registering as a tax filer for overseas Pakistani residents.

Succession/Inheritance Proceedings:

Obtaining relevant legal documentation from the court for succession and inheritance within Pakistan can be confusing. We can ensure that you have the correct documentation and represent you in the court for obtaining a succession certificate without you having to attend the court.

Investment within Pakistan:

There is a growing trend within overseas Pakistani’s, for investing in Pakistan for business purposes. Overseas Pakistani’s are successfully running businesses in Pakistan within the property, IT, medical, manufacturing, F & B, and services industries. Using their international experience, they find Pakistan a safe and profitable location. To establish a business, you will need legal advice and support to set up the correct corporate structure. We can assist in this according to your business needs.

Legalization/Attestation of Documents:

If you need documents of Pakistani origin to be attested and legalized by the Pakistan Foreign Office and your home country Embassy, then please contact us for a fast and reliable service. Documents will be collected, attested, legalized and couriered to you for further processing.

Background Check/Private Investigation:

Should you require a background check for a matrimonial proposal, proposed business venture, joint property purchase or similar situation we are able to provide a legal background check. This will include credit and criminal background checks. If you require a private investigation for a personal matter please contact us for a confidential consultation.

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