UK Immigration

UK is an ideal destination to do business. The British pound is a strong currency in the global business market and against the rupee it has a higher value than the US dollar. A British passport allows you to travel virtually visa free to most countries in the world.

We can also assist clients in Pakistan and other countries who wish to settle in the UK. We specialise in UK Business Immigration for those families who wish to run their own business in the UK. The process requires a minimum investment of £50,000 or £20,000 which will allow you to set up a small business in the UK. You may move with your family, who will benefit from free education and healthcare. You will be eligible for a UK Passport after five years of residing in the UK and obtaining your permanent stay.

We assist clients throughout the whole process. We will also assist you in the UK to settle down, find appropriate housing and schools for your children. Our team are xperts from the UK and will advise you as to which area is best suited for your business and which school has the best reputation. With this local knowledge you can make the best decision on where to live in the UK. Our UK team will provide you complete guidance on how to run your new business with back up support.

If you are able to invest £50,000 or £20,000 and can communicate in basic English (IELTS band 4.5) then we can assist you in this process. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for a free consultation.

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