Human Rights

Human Rights-Protecting the rights of minorities in Pakistan.

Head of Firm Barrister Hassan Riaz has a long history of working pro bono for the
protection of the human rights of those from the minority groups in Pakistan. He has
had a particular interest in working in the Pakistan Prison System and assisting
those who find themselves stuck in the harsh judicial system. He has implemented
projects working with international donors and governments.

We pay particular attention to those people from the minority groups including
foremost Pakistani Christians, Hindus, Sikhs and other religious backgrounds. We
deal with specific cases where innocent people have been illegally imprisoned,
tortured, forced labor, illegal land occupation, false criminal implication and many
other matters.

Where there is a severe breach of Human Rights, we step in to make amends. We
have a dedicated team of associate lawyers all across the country who are
experienced in dealing with delicate and sensitive matters considering the
environment in Pakistan. We are experienced in how to tactfully handle matters in
the correct and best legal manner to protect the human rights of our clients. We do
this work pro-bono and do not charge those that contact us for emergency
assistance and representation.

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